Spoken word poem

My wonderful brother’s emotional story so far, beautifully told.


‘Sup all!

Quick post.

Since I’ve been forced to quit football I’ve gotten more and more into poetry – specifically ‘Spoken Word’.

I have a lot of poetry in the works, but this is the first piece I’ve (somewhat) finished. Its a kind-of story/kind-of poem centered on three themes that have become increasingly confluential the longer I’ve been in the U.S.

Friends back home comment a lot on how great my life is out here – and it often is. But it’s evident that through the eyes of social media, adversity is easily painted over by pictures of sunny beaches and palm trees – which is completely understandable, but not always the reality.

Whatever the weather (pun intended), this journey has always seemed to give me a way to turn negatives into a new positive; a new goal; a new passion. And this part of the poem touches on my…

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