Nuts About Laundry?

I moved to Ecover products for my laundry and cleaning a while ago now, to do my bit in reducing the chemicals in the water table (yada yada) and to generally have less harmful substances in my home and on my children’s skin. So when I discovered Indian Soap Nuts or Eco Nuts as they’re also known, I couldn’t have been more excited to give them a try – and I wasn’t disappointed!

These modest brown shells produce natural detergents that provide effective, eco-friendly cleaning for your clothes at a fraction of the cost of traditional chemical-based products. I was given a handful by a very good friend a few weeks ago and I am still getting good results from the same bunch of nuts! I literally couldn’t be more impressed.

The smell is vinegar-esque but is neutralised in the wash, leaving your laundry clean but scent free. I have been using left-over ecover softener up until now but have also tried using none at all and putting the clothes on a cool tumble with a few drops of lavender oil on a muslin. This worked brilliantly and as well as making it smell delicious, the essential oil actually makes the laundry really soft.

Get them here and give nutty laundry a try!

Happy eco living x



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