Upcycled bird feeder

Whilst soaking up the last of the late Spring rays this evening I was lucky enough to play host to a merry little Chiff Chaff; a small bird with an unmistakable song. It landed on a branch of my Cheals Weeping Cherry, surveyed the view and then took off again in a matter of seconds. This was such a treat – the only birds that have paid us a regular visit since having any garden at all, are the dozens of starlings that come to feast on the worms after a rain shower. We definitely have a nest, as the mummies scamper around stuffing five or six worms in their little beaks, before taking off to relinquish the booty to their waiting offspring.

I was so inspired by my special little visitor that I decided to replenish the shop-bought bird feeder I’d had hanging up since before Winter – it mustn’t have been a very nutritious selection, as the birds barely touched it and by Spring I had a veritable garden sprouting out of the openings! Anyway, on retrieving it from the tree to refill, it completely broke apart in my hands. Useless. That’l teach me for buying cheap mass-produced rubbish.

Not one to let a bit of cheap plastic to get the better of me I set about gathering some ‘junk’ from around the house to make a new one.

You will need:
A large coca cola style bottle
Chopsticks/twigs/bamboo sticks/old wooden spoons etc.
Some gardeners twine/wire
Jute to decorate (optional)
Bird seed
Sharp skewer/screwdriver

1. Pierce the bottle in two places using a skewer (one side then the direct opposite) close to the neck of the bottle and then slightly up, in order to poke through your two ‘perches’ keeping the holes only just wide enough for your sticks.

2. Cut some thin slits just above the perch holes where the birds will access the seed. Make these no wider than 4mm. Poke through your sticks ensuring that they push in tightly and seal the holes (to help prevent damp getting in and to keep the perch nice and sturdy)

3. Fill your bottle with bird seed and replace the cap. Turn it upside down and wrap the gardeners twine several times around the ‘waist’ of the bottle tying it securely on either side to create a hanger.

4. Decorate your feeder however you wish – I tied some jute in a bow at the neck of the bottle and wrapped it around the twine at the top.

Voila! One homemade bird feeder! Here’s hoping for lots more special garden visitors now that they have something to keep them here a little longer.

Jaime x


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