Springtime – Best in Show

It’s mid-spring and I couldn’t be happier! The cold of the winter is melting away and summer is on our doorsteps, but spring is more than just a quiet pre-cursor to the heat of summer; it’s glorious in its own blooming right.

I love getting into the garden at this time of year; the soil is still moist from April showers and beginning to warm, ready to receive precious seedlings full of promise. That’s the great thing about Spring; new growth, new life, new beginnings.

In mid-spring, as it is now, the beautiful pinks and whites of blossom; once stark and bright against the cold bark of empty trees, is fading; sliding away like sweeping theatre curtains – revealing the lush, green leaves that had formed in its show-stopping shadow. That’s spring.

I saw a newt today in the garden. It scuttled past my gloved fingers in a flash of green-brown camouflage, as I weeded the veg patch before scurrying quickly away into hiding. I don’t have a pond but it certainly inspired a thought that I might find space! Although my burgeoning veg patch has already eaten a large portion of my already postage-stamp sized garden. Perhaps not then. But I’m so pleased it had the notion to visit, I have a compost bin not too far from the spot where I knelt with those gloved hands and so I am sure it soon found it’s lunchtime fill.

While hot on the zig-zagging tail of my watery guest, I spotted another seasonal treat – a large, lolling, bumblebee feasting away on my spring-flowering perennials and shrub border. I watched entranced as it devoured its sweet treat and then bobbed along to do the same at the next natural take-out. Bees are just so precious and I’m so pleased that this one stayed long enough for an impromptu photo shoot. Sorry I couldn’t catch the newt.

It’s these small moments in life that at times, we’re all too busy to savour. I’m so pleased I was present in that glorious spring moment today.

2 thoughts on “Springtime – Best in Show

  1. Lisa says:

    It would be awesome if you could find space for a pond, having newts and frogs and tadpoles and stuff would be amazing. I only wish I had some outdoor space.


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