Review: Method Bathroom Cleaner

The green, vegan and cruelty-free cleaning product I’ve been waiting for!
I usually whip up homemade cleaning sprays but sometimes find I’m less than impressed with the results in my bathrooms. Yes the end result is always a clean bathroom but my homemade sprays always seem to lack usability and sparkle. And let’s face it, even an eco-gal can do with a bit of sparkle in her home! I found this Method bathroom spray, alongside some Ecover products in my local Waitrose and I couldn’t wait to try it out on my less-than-shiny bathrooms. Especially as I’d run out of vinegar. Doh.


The plastic bottle is made of entirely recycled material which is always one of the first things I look for. It’s also 100% recyclable and so if you wish, you can put it out with your everyday box collection if you have one. I will save the bottle to reuse. Much to my husbands disdain, I am a hoarder of pretty containers.


I must say, the bottle has a lovely shape. It’s incredibly tactile and ergonomic making it a pleasure to use. It’s refreshing to see a bottle of a different design – this one has a much wider base meaning it doesn’t topple over like the ‘skinny’ bottle typically seen in the cleaning aisle. The spray is wide spreading and fine, meaning you only overload on product of you absolutely need to. I was able to cover my large shower cubicle with only a few long sprays.


The product itself has a pleasant, gentle fragrance and though not all natural as you’d expect from a store-bought spray, it is completely non-toxic, meaning it is safe to use around children and pets and kinder to the environment. I found the cleaner a little thin in terms of consistency but, that is in fact, a testament to it being empty of artificial thickeners or foaming agents, which actually don’t do anything practical anyway. With a little more elbow grease than you might use with a toxic power-foam type spray the results were excellent and left my large white tiles clean, shiny and free of water marks. Remarkably, I also wiped down the mirror in the children’s bathroom with a little spray and a damp cloth and I’ve not needed to go back at all to buff the glass, not a streak or water mark remains! Which of course makes me very happy. That reminds me! Must. Buy. More. Vinegar…


I always advocate a slight premium on quality as it usually – thought not always- means the ingredients for the item have been properly sourced. At £3.00 (Price correct in Waitrose as of 27/10/14) this Method bathroom cleaner is certainly at the pricier end of the market but at a whopping 828ml it actually appears to be incredibly good value. For me this is a luxury purchase, not a necessity, and so the price works. I can’t comment how long it lasts just yet, but will happily update on that when I’m nearing the end of the bottle!

Overall rating: 5 star

Have you got a favourite ‘green’ or ethical household cleaning product? What are your secrets to homemade, natural cleaning? Share your ideas below and spread the love!

Jaime x

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