Not Sew Simple After All

My kitchen is super small, minute, minuscule. Barely large enough to swing a limb, even – let alone a cat. Our old circular dining set, though pretty, was far too large and so we recently downsized to a simple rectangular table and bench set, which I bought for an equally tiny price in the tale-end of the Winter sales last month. All good. Except my beautiful Laura Ashley oil cloth in Amelie was now far too wide, hanging off the edges like the leaves of a droopy un-watered pot plant. Eek! Must. Water. Herbs.

So, I trimmed a long section off the edge of the table cloth and laid it on the floor, I actually had a feasible amount there and began to rack my very inexperienced brain as to what I might do with this rather pretty left-over. A bag! This did actually cross my mind for a moment or two, before I metaphorically whacked myself on the head in order that I might return to planet Earth. *Totes* beyond me (sorry couldn’t resist that one). My mind then drifted to a conversation I had with my Aunt over Easter, when she lamented about the apron she had to make for herself before even beginning the school year. (Naturally) Now that, surely, even I could do?!

I laid E’s tatty old Angelina Ballerina apron over the cloth and it happened to be the perfect size for two smallish aprons (for my two smallish children) great! Then I got the sewing machine out and the sky went dark. The trees shuddered in the eerie breeze and the vintage cups all jumped into each other and hid, like a delicate collection of red and white russian dolls. In all seriousness, I really am terrible with machinery and ever since I was given this bit of kit I’ve tried to, at various points, make everything from curtains to cushion covers with varying low-level success. Anyway, all the aprons really needed was a hem and some ribbon, what could go wrong?

OIL CLOTH IS IMPOSSIBLE!! Is it just me or do others find that it sticks and then jams and tangles the thread? I probably could have hand-sewn a much neater hem in the time I spent un-jamming and resetting the machine – though at least I can now do this from memory, I suppose every cloud has a silver lining after all, even if it is a botched job. Anyway, after trying out nearly all my stitch options I settled for a VERY wobbly straight stitch – how ironic! And soul destroying.

The finished aprons don’t actually look too bad and I’m quite pleased with the yellow ribbon and the ambitious addition of a pocket at the front – which E immediately cosied her hands down into on trying-on, so cute! Any tips from sewing connoisseurs out there? What’s the secret with oil cloth? I really love the fabric but am terrified of undertaking another oil cloth project.

Jaime x


9 thoughts on “Not Sew Simple After All

  1. Terry Adams says:

    This did make me chuckle Jaime…. but how talented are you!! The apron looks so cute. I’m afraid I’m no good with a sewing machine so can’t offer any advice but keep up the writing I’m enjoying reading your musings. Terry xx


    • jaimemeade says:

      Thanks so much Terry, it’s an old hobby (the writing) which I fear I am much better at than my new hobbies! But yes the girls do love their new aprons so gues they’re not too shabby 😉 Hope you are all well and had a lovely Easter holiday xx


  2. Misty says:

    Hi J
    I’m loving the blog you are really very talented. If you put masking tape on both your foot and foot plate this will prevent sticking, I’ve recently made both pvc lunch bags, sandwich bags and then progressed onto a PVC rucksack. (remove tape off the plate after sewing to stop any unnecessary sticky tape glue residing afterwards) Happy Sewing xxx


    • SGC Admin says:

      Thanks for the tips Misty… 🙂 thought you might have a blog to follow, I would like to if you do as I am sure you can be helpful to many people… but when I clicked on your name nothing come up… 😦 Have a fabulous Sunday…


  3. SGC Admin says:

    Jamie, you are awesome.. this is fabulous well done … 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your experience… I am presently attempting to learn how to sew and your post here has given me the “courage” to keep going… I loved the fact that the trees shuddered and the sky turned dark… LOL.. that’s how I feel when I get out the sewing machine…

    Thanks to Misty too for the tips… I swear my sewing machine ((used) a gift from a friend) has something wrong with it cos it is always breaking the thread… (have to play with the tension all the time) and I think it sew’s to one side more then the other…. Hubby says it’s not the machine it’s the operator… hahah… 🙂 ( I think he might be right, but I don’t have to tell him that… ) Have a fabulous Sunday


    • jaimemeade says:

      Wow thank you for such a lovely comment and for sharing my blog on your website – I must say it looks fantastic! Its always great to talk to other crafters and eco-fanatics :). I have only just started to blog so it’s a work in progress but its so warming to receive such positive feedback, thank you!

      Jaime x


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